Morgan Hope are specialists in the manufacture, supply and installation of a comprehensive range of energy control, lighting and heating systems.

We have been specialising in energy efficient products and solutions for over 16 years and are regarded as leaders in our field.

The comprehensive range of Energy Controls ensure that Morgan-Hope is able to help in reducing energy consumption relating to gas, electric and water. With an ever increasing range of products, which have often been customer led to meet their specific needs, the control systems provide significant savings, with rapid payback criteria.

Through the lighting division, Morgan-Hope manufacturers and supplies a wide range of luminaries and lighting control systems. The luminaries include all types of office lighting, general commercial lighting, industrial fittings and decorative luminaries.

The introduction of heating products to Morgan Hope was through the purchase of a specialised heating panel manufacturer under the name of Servitherm. The Servitherm heater is a unique Radiant Heater panel that is designed to provide localised heat in such areas as supermarket checkout counters, church pew heating, desk heating, sleeping pens for dogs and cats and all areas of localised heat requirements.

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Why Morgan Hope?

“Because we Lower Your Energy Bills and Reduce your Carbon Footprint”

Morgan Hope

Astrid LED Range.

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Our comprehensive range of energy controls for electricity, gas, and water enable us to lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Morgan Hope revolutionary electric radiant panel heaters.

For energy efficient localised, low wattage heating.

At last, a safe, effective and low energy alternative for ambient lighting. LED downlighter lamps provide decorative interior lighting at a fraction of the cost of standard low voltage MR16 dichroic lamps. Compatible with most spring or twist and lock fittings, LED Lights provide a reliable, low maintenance and safe solution.
Reflections of Me is another division of Morgan Hope Industries Ltd, specialising in magnification, illuminated and Hollywood mirrors with lights.

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